NEW: Benefit Majorette

Monday, 20 October 2014

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Benefit's latest release comes in the form of 'Majorette', a cream to powder 'booster' blush. Now I have to be honest, when I received this in the post, I was a little confused. I mean I'm not a huge blush wearer at the best of times so the idea that this product is used to boost blush wasn't particuarly appealing to me. I also wasn't sure why you'd want to boost your blusher - wouldn't it make me look like a clown wearing this and another blusher on top?

Anyway, hesitations aside, I gave this product a go and was impressed with the results. A gorgeous peachy pink shade that would suit any skin tone, an easy to blend creamy formula and decent staying power - it ticks all my boxes. However, I still can't get passed the marketing of this product. In my opinion, its a cream blush, nothing more and nothing less. The whole blush booster concept is still a bit baffling to me and although I did try to pair this with one of the Benefit box blushers, I still didn't get it. As this product is fairly pigmented, it works perfectly well on its own and I think pairing it with something else, other than a nice highlight, make it a bit pointless. There's certainly no denying that wearing powder over cream will make blush last longer but unless I had a powder blush in the exact same shade, I wouldn't want to mix colours and go overboard. That's just my opinion though - maybe you get it better than I do? 

Benefit Majorette Review, Benefit Majorette Blush Booster, Benefit New Release, Benefit Majorette Cream Blush Review, Benefit Cream Blush

One thing I will say is that in terms of cream blushes I've tried, this is one of the best. As I mentioned, its pigmented, creamy and lasts well on my skin. I find the colour very flattering too although I am confused as to why Benefit would release a S/S shade just in time for A/W? Again, maybe I'm being fussy but I feel this product would have been better placed in the Summer months when cream blushes are a more popular choice and peach shades are the go-to. 

I also have to mention the packaging which is just beautiful. Benefit never go too far wrong with packaging but this is definitely one of my favourite designs to date. Yes its a bit bulky and a pain to store (although it does just squeeze in my muji drawers) but I'm in love with the quirky tamborine inspired casing, the beautiful design on the blush itself and the large mirror. Its very sturdy too and made of plastic unlike Benefit's box powders which are cardboard. Its definitely a good choice for popping in my handbag for on the go touch ups as the cream formula is easy enough to dab on my cheeks and blend in with my fingers. 

Benefit Majorette Review, Benefit Majorette Blush Booster, Benefit New Release, Benefit Majorette Cream Blush Review, Benefit Cream Blush
Overall, I'd say I'm a fan of this product. I'm not a fan of the way its been marketed as I wouldn't use it in the way its intended but as a cream blush, its lovely. I hope Benefit release more blushes with this formula! You can buy Majorette from Feel Unique, John Lewis, Look Fantastic, ASOS and House of Frazer for £23.50.

Will you be giving Majorette a try? 

Lots of love,

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set, Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review, Zoeva Makeup Brushes
Today I'd like to talk to you about the prettiest makeup brushes I've ever seen. Yep, its the well loved Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury brush set*. This set of stunning rose gold brushes has been massively hyped by bloggers and beauty lovers around the world and its for good reason, let me tell you! Other than the beautiful black and rose gold design, the brushes themselves are up there with the best I've ever used.

The Rose Golden Luxury set comes cased in a high quality brown leather clutch bag with rose gold hardware. I love that this is included as its the perfect case to keep the brushes in when travelling and its so pretty too - I really am a sucker for anything rose gold! The brushes themselves arrived nicely wrapped inside the bag and there's eight in total, a mixture of both face and eye brushes.  

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set, Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review, Zoeva Makeup Brushes
I've popped the names of the eight brushes included in the set below:

Face: 106 Powder, 102 Silk Finish, 110 Face Shape, 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek, 142 Concealer Buffer 
Eyes: 227 Soft Definer, 231 Petit Crease, 317 Wing Liner

There isn't one brush from the eight that I don't like or wouldn't use, they're all amazing. However, if I had to pick my favourites, I've been absolutely loving the '102 Silk Finish' for applying my liquid foundation and the '142 Concealer Buffer' for blending concealer under my eyes. I find they pick up the colour well and allow me to buff the product into my skin easily and create a flawless finish. I'm not going to go through all of the others individually as I think its pretty obvious from the names or images what they're supposed to be used for! They're made from synthetic taklon bristles which feel like silk on the skin and I really like that they dry really quickly after washing.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set, Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Review, Zoeva Makeup Brushes

Overall, I'm in love with this brush set. Everything from the way it looks to the effect the brushes help me create is excellent. I didn't think any brushes would ever compare with my Real Techniques but these Zoeva brushes have equally become a joint favourite! If you're going to add anything to your Christmas list this year, make it the Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set. The set costs 65 euros on the Zoeva site which converts to £51.77. That's around £6.50 per brush. For eight high quality brushes and a case, I think this price is exceptional and completely worth paying. If this set in particular isn't for you, they also have lots of other sets available which you can find here. 

Shipping from the Zoeva site costs £7.50 so if you aren't willing to pay that, you can find the set on UK site Love Makeup, a site I've personally used before and find reliable. The set is slightly pricier at at £56.95 but they offer free delivery over £50.00 so it still works out cheaper than ordering direct from Zoeva. 

Do you like the look of this brush set?

Lots of love,

A New Favourite | Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Favourite Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask Review

As someone with bleached hair, I find it really important to  give it the moisture it needs to prevent it becoming dry and brittle. There's nothing worse than hair that feels really dry and I'm sure everybody aims to have soft and shiny hair. Luckily, after a few years of looking after my hair with my beloved Moroccan Oil, I've managed to avoid the dreaded dry hair and despite the fact I colour my hair regularly, its in great condition. I often get compliments on it and people asking me how I keep it long, soft and shiny and my answer to them is always 'Moroccan Oil'. For me, its a complete hero hair product and one I wouldn't be without.

After the excellent results I've seen from the oil, I was pretty keen to try more products from the Moroccan Oil range. One product I was particularly keen on, after my friend who is a hairdresser recommended it, is the Intense Hydrating Mask*. I'm a big fan of using hair masks once a week for that extra bit of of hair hydration and I knew this one wouldn't let me down. I've been using it for around a month now and I have to say, this is probably the best hair mask I've ever used. Other than it smelling utterly amazing (much like the oil but even better), the 'intense hydrating' name sums up this product perfectly.

Favourite Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask, Moroccan Oil Intense Hair Mask Review
Its one of the thickest hair masks I've ever used and I often worry thick hair products will weigh my hair down but I haven't found that at all. I actually like the fact its so thick as it means I don't need to use much product to coat my whole hair so the 250ml tub will last me a long time. With most hair masks I've used in the past, I've used a whole tub in three or four goes because I needed to use SO much product to coat my hair. With the Moroccan Oil mask, one small scoop from the tub is all I need to coat my long hair and get the desired results. 

As my hair is so long, I often find its exceptionally tangled after being in the shower and a bit of a nightmare to get a brush through. However, after smothering this mask all over my hair and leaving it to work its magic for the recommended 10 minutes (or five if I'm in a rush), my hair is so soft that the brush glides through it with ease. When I blow dry my hair, it looks soft, shiny and most importantly, healthy. The scent lingers after drying too so you can often catch me smelling my hair after use - not weird at all, I promise. 

I can honestly say I absolutely love this hair mask and considering I've tried many over the years, its one of the best out there. As I mentioned, my hair is in pretty good condition anyway but this mask has ensured it stays that way and keeps it nourished. If you're someone with dry, brittle and damaged hair, I can't recommend this and the oil enough. If you use them as a pair, I can ensure you'll have hair to rival Rapunzel before you know it! You can get it from Hair Trade here for £24.75.

Lots of love,