Friday, 27 March 2015

The Detangling Hair Brushes

If you have very long hair, you'll know just how frustrating tangles are. Mine is almost down to my belly button now and it gets tangled at the slightest gush of wind, after its been tied up or after I've been lying down. Oh and let's not forget after I've washed it, that's the worst. Getting out of the shower to a tangled head of hair is very frustrating and there's been many occasions where I've almost hit breaking point after not being able to get a brush through my knotted mane. However, I have found measures to prevent this now with lots of conditioner being one of them and good quality detangling brushes being another.

I seem to have quite the collection of brushes that claim to detangle the hair without causing any damage so I thought I'd give you a little overview of them in case you're in the same position I was a few months ago dreading to wash your hair because you have to face the unbareable tangles! Trust me, I've been there and dry shampooed one too many times just to avoid the laborious task.

First up we have the Denman Tangle Smoother and Wet Brush which are both great for using on wet hair. They both look like standard hair brushes and whilst  I'm not overly keen on the design of the tangle smoother, the brush itself has metal pins which means the brush glides through tangles with ease. The Wet Brush on the other hand has slightly more gentle bristles so it's great to use on wet hair when the hair is more vulnerable to breakage. The brush has 'Intelliflez' bristles which are thin, strong and flexible as well as 'Soft Tips' which are gentle on the hair and massage the scalp as well. It's firm whilst still being gentle which I really like!

Next up is the Tangle Angel which was designed by award winning hairdresser Richard Ward. This is the first detangling brush I ever bought as I love the heart shaped brush and angel wing design. It's so cute! The design has a purpose too - it's been designed this way so you can hold it around the wings for more control and detangling or by the handle for every day brushing. The bristles are soft and flexible so it's really gentle on the hair. It also has anti-static and anti-bacterial properties as well as being heat resistant.

Finally we have the Tangle Teezer, the classic detangling brush that I'm sure you've all heard of. The Tangle Teezer was the first detangling brush I'd ever heard of and the beauty world went a bit nuts for it with it being hailed a holy grain hair tool. Now I have to say, although I do like it and it's conveneient for popping in my hangbag due to its compact packaging, it would have to be my least favourite from the four I've mentioned. I feel I can't really get through all the tangles in my hair with this one so it isn't one I'd use on wet hair or when my hair is particularly tangled but I like to use it for general day to day brushing as it's more gental on my hair than a regular hair brush. 

Do you have trouble with tangled hair? Is there any other brushes or products you would recommend?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Liquid Lipsticks

I was lucky enough to attend the Bourjois S/S15 press event recently and one of the products we were introduced to at the event are the new Rouge Edition Aqua Laque liquid lipsticks. These are the latest addition to the Rouge Edition line and after being seriously impressed by the Rouge Edition Velvet's with their highly pigmented matte finish, I was super excited to here about the launch of the Aqua Laque's which unlike the Velvet's have a super shiny and glossy finish.

The first thing I wanted to mention is the packaging which is the same style as the Velvet's with the addition of a shiny lid to represent the glossy formula. I personally prefer this packaging as it makes them look more luxe and some of the pale pink / neutral shades have rose gold lids and as you know, I'm a big rose gold fan.

Moving on to the actual product, I really like them. They're still a liquid lipstick like the Velvet's in the respect that they do stain the lips but on initial application they feel more like a gel and have quite a wet and very glossy texture. However, when the gloss wears off, I'm still left with a hint of colour on my lips which I like. I've never really been into matte lips so this kind of finish definitely appeals more to me.

The only thing that isn't as great as the Velvet's is the pigmentation - these are definitely less pigmented so if you want something very bold, I'd go for the Velvet's and just add a gloss over them if you like shine. On the other hand, I feel these are much better for day to day wear and are the kid of lip product you can throw in a handbag and re-apply throughout the day without worrying about precise application.

In terms of colour rage, there's eight shades available in this new formula and I received four of them in my goody bag after the event. From left to right in the swatches above we have 'Appechissant' which is a gorgeous nude pink 'my lips but better' kind of shade, 'Babe Idole' which is a barbie bubblegum pink, 'Fuchsia Perchie' which as the name states is a bright Fuchsia and finally 'Feelin Reddy' which is a vivid orange toned red. They're all gorgeous shades and due to the glossy formula, they're easy to wear both day and night. I noticed there isn't any true nude shades in the range and they all fall into the pink / red category but I don't mind that as I'm more of a bold lip kinda girl anyway.

Do you like the look of the latest lip product to join the Rouge Edition line up? You can get them here for £7.20 (currently reduced from £8.99).

Monday, 23 March 2015

The Spending Ban Tag with TSB

When TSB recently contacted me about a spending ban challenge, I was more than up for it as I'm one of those people who spends money completely unnecessarily. Whether its eating lunch out instead of bringing a homemade meal, buying a morning coffee or 'treating' myself more than I should whilst browsing online, over the course of a few weeks, it soon adds up. I'm also one of those people who thinks I'm rich on pay day, gets all spendy and then spends the latter half of the month complaining that I'm skint. Not good!

With this being said, I was excited to take on TSB's challenge and cut one thing out of my life that I normally spend a lot of money on to see what a difference it could make to my bank balance. I thought long and hard about what this could be and in the end I decided on taxis. Yep, taxis, of all things. As someone who doesn't drive (I really need to pull my finger out and pass my test) the temptation to have some extra time in bed and get a taxi to work instead of using public transport is very strong. However, a taxi from my flat to my work isn't cheap - it costs between £8 and £10 a time and I've been known to get up to 4 taxis a week sometimes. I know, shocking. That works out at £40 a week and £160 a month. I don't even want to know what that adds up to over a year but you get the point.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've gone tee total on taxis and have given myself the rule that I'm only allowed to get one if I have a good reason to. For example, if I'm going home to the lakes for the weekend and need to take a suitcase to work, I'll allow myself to get a tax instead of trying to cart a heavy suitcase on and off public transport. However, sleeping in, being lazy and wanting an extra 30 minutes in bed definitely don't fall into the 'good reason' category. 

I've already saved so much money just by cutting taxis out these past couple of weeks and I certainly intend to keep it up. My boyfriend and I are wanting to get our own house as soon as we can so all of our extra money needs to go into savings for a mortgage, not on taxis to work. We were recently discussing setting up an account we can put money into whilst saving and a Cash ISA from TSB is a great option as you don't pay any tax on the interest you earn which is a big plus. You can find out more on the TSB Isa page.

Myself and TSB now challenge you to go on a week-long spending ban and see how much you save! What do you spend money on that you don't really need to? 

I'd love to hear about your unnecessary spending in the comments below!

collaboration with TSB*

Friday, 20 March 2015

Spring Primark Haul

It occurred to me recently that I hadn't been shopping in Primark for ages. Since I moved to Manchester I've not made a big point of going in as I'm not overly keen on the store here - it's always too busy and I think the general layout of the shop in completely confusing - I end up walking around in circles not knowing where the heck I am. The only bonus is that it does have a Costa so if worst comes to worst, I know there's always coffee to see me through. Anyway, with this being said, I decided a trip to Primark was well overdue to when my mum and sister came to visit last weekend, we decided that would be our first point of call. I didn't come away with too much as it was hectic in there but I did pick up a couple of Spring pieces as well as some home ware.

 I'm a bit of a candle addict so every time I go to Primark, I have to buy at least one of their candles as they're so affordable and they smell so good! I thought this duck egg blue and silver one was lovely and the Vanilla scent is very comforting. I've been burning this none stop in my living room recently and it makes the room smells amazing and feel all cosy!

So this has to be my most random Primark purchase ever but when I saw this little artificial plant in the home ware section, I knew I had to have it. I thought it would make a super cute prop from my blog photos!

This 'essentials' wash bag is probably my favourite purchase as its absolutely perfect for travelling with. I love the mint green colour and geometric print and the faux leather it's made from feels very soft. I've already used this multiple times since I bought it as its just the right size to fit all my beauty essentials in when I go travelling. I'll definitely be packing this full of hair, skin and body products when I go to Greece in May!

I'm a bit obsessed with lace up shoes at the moment so when I saw the lovely Zoella feature these sandals in her recent Primark haul video, I knew I had to have them. I think these will look great in the Summer months and they're just that bit different from the other basic sandals I own. I wish I'd gotten them in black now too!

More home ware! If you haven't already guessed, I'm really loving Primark's home furnishings at the moment and these cushions are no exception. My bedroom is grey and white so I thought these would add a nice bit of colour to the room and the Peach and Mint shades are very Spring appropriate. I also got the matching bedding to go with these but it was a bit of a pain to photograph so you'll have to head over to my Instagram @kayleighjcouture if you want to see that! 

Finally, I bought this cropped knitted vest and again, this purchase was inspired by Zoe's video. I think this will look so lovely paired with a maxi skirt and some sandals when the weather warms up. It was also available in white and navy and white stripes but they didn't have my size in those!

So that's everything I've bought from Primark recently other than a plain grey maxi skirt which again was too hard to photograph! I always love having a nosy at what people have bought from Primark so I hope you enjoyed!

Have you been to Primark recently?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A Blog Design Overhaul by Pink Pot Designs

Hey guys! So you might have noticed that my blog design recently underwent a little overhaul so I thought I'd just give you a quick update about it - what's changed, who did the design and why I'm so so so happy with it! I'd been thinking about getting a new design for the past few months as I wanted a few things updating and new features adding that my old design didn't have.

With this being said, I started to put a few tweets out to find out what features you guys look for in a design and I started jotting a few ideas down. That's when I was contacted by the amazing Chaitra from the blog Pink Pot and she offered to help me out with my new design. I was so grateful to her for this and couldn't wait to get started as I was seriously impressed by other designs she'd created.

I sent Chaitra all of my eyes and we then went back and forth on emails (a LOT!) or spoke on google chat so she knew exactly what I wanted. She was so patient with me as I'm a bit of a perfectionist and quite particular about how I want things to look. There were a few things I definitely wanted adding to the new design which included a recent posts scrolling image at the top of the page, pages along the top of the blog, a 'read more' option to make things look a bit neater and the LinkWithin widget replaced with something more chic looking. As you can see from my screenshots below, I think she managed to achieve all of those things absolutely perfectly.

I can honestly say that I can't recommend Chaitra and her blog design services enough - she's a true professional and took everything I wanted on board without complaining. She also got things done really quickly and the installation only took 30 minutes so my new look blog was up and running in no time. I really hope you all like the new look as much as I do - I feel like my blog is a lot more user friendly now and that's exactly what I was hoping for!

If you're looking to get a new design, you can check out Chaitra's Etsy design shop Pink Pot Designs where you can buy fabulous pre-made templates or a custom design like mine for very reasonable prices. I'm considering making my blog mobile friendly next as this is another service Chaitra offers. Is that a feature you like to see in a blog? Any feedback at all would mean the world to me.

I hope you like the new look, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!